February 2013

February Figurative Invitational

The nude figure has been the subject of art for centuries and continues to inspire contemporary artists. Figurative art can be as much about the artist, the viewer and our culture as it is about the model. We've invited eight painters to join us this month for our Figurative invitational, each with a distinctively unique view of this the human form. Featured this February will be Sarah F. Burns, Rebecca Gabriel, Inger Nova Jorgensen, Micah Ofestedahl, Ann Di Salvo, Troy Terpstra, Daniel Verner, Clista Prelle-Tworek.  Join us for the Artists' Reception, held during First Friday Art Walk on February 1st from 5~8 p.m.  Bundle up for a crisp winter evening out with other art lovers.  Wine and light refreshments will be provided along with music by Jeff Kloetzel.



DiSalvo Deux fille

Ann DiSalvo "Deux Fille"


Ann diSalvo

“I enjoy trying new ideas with the imagery of the form. Much of my work is finished swiftly, like a sketch. I think the paper is an important part of the dry media and I like to see it come through.  Study of the figure is one of the ways to know humanity. The world of ideas brings us together conceptually, but our bodies are earthbound and shape our choices in community.”

Native to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with an art degree from UW Stevens Point, Ann Di Salvo spent twelve years in the arts and natural sciences in Kentucky. She moved to rural Oregon in 1992, Ashland in 1993 where she opened a studio with Bruce Bayard on A St. in 1998 and became involved with many organizations centered in the arts, most currently as Secretary of the Ashland Gallery Association and editor of the Ashland Gallery Guide.







Daniel Verner, "Eyes of the Peacock"

Daniel Verner

Art, like life for me, is about relationship. A connection between things interacting and influencing one another.  This relationship involvement is both in structure (physical properties, what is seen) and the affinity of conscience energy (the human mind responding).






R Gabriel Reverie

Rebecca Gabriel, "Reverie"

Rebecca Gabriel

has studied painting in Vienna, Austria, and received a MFA degree from the University of Massachusetts, where she was granted a University Fellowship in painting. She also has a Master of Science in Art Education from the Massachusetts College of Art.Ms. Gabriel has been in many publications and exhibitions locally nationwide. She has won numerous awards, including:“First Prize,” juror Henry Hopkins, at the “All California Art Exhibition,” Art Student’s League scholarship in New York, Certificate of Achievement in Art from the Office of the Mayor of New York City, and “Best of Show,” in the “Human Form” exhibition at the Newport Visual Arts Center, Newport, Oregon. She was named “Finalist” in 2007Artist’sMagazine competition.Her work was selected for extended loan in the Executive Chairman’s office at the National Endowment for the Arts in Washington, D. C., 2007-2009. Her painting, “Roots”, is an acquisition of Havurah Shir Hadash Synagogue in Ashland, Oregon. A retrospective exhibition of her work, “ Woman’s Journey,” was held at the at the Rogue Gallery and Art Center. A book of her work,Woman’s Journey – A Life inPaintings, is available, and has received critical acclaim from art critics and Dr. Jean Houston.

Ms. Gabriel has also locally shown her work at the Schneider Museum of Art, Hanson Howard, Davis & Cline, and Gallerie Karon. This is her second year at the Illahe figurative invitational exhibition.






Prelle Tworek Rabbi

Clista Narcissus Prelle-Tworek "Rabbi Davvening"

Clista Narcissus Prelle-Tworek

has created art since she could hold a crayon. She is a professional artist, as well as a licensed professional counselor specializing in the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. As an arts educator, she has taught in private and public schools, for professional arts organizations and in prison settings.

Her art is deeply personal, drawing on the people and places she loves and finds most beautiful. Clista’s spiritual practice of loving devotion is made manifest through the colors and forms that nourish and inspire her.





Burns Prosperina

Sarah F. Burns, "Proserpina"

Sarah F. Burns

“The subject matter that I am interested in is representational; good representational art must work abstractly and conceptually which poses opportunities and challenges.

I believe in working hard, striving to be thorough and accurate and yet catch what is fleeting and lively. Hopefully, if I can catch the spark of life, my paintings and drawing can elicit feelings of empathy for the complicated and simple and beautiful and sad and interesting world of humankind.

It is important to create things that last. I think at its core, humanity remains the same over any amount of time and we can really understand this when we relate to and understand history, art, literature, architecture. I aim to connect with people of today and tomorrow and yesterday by choosing subjects that are both universal and specific, by choosing good quality materials and in always seeking to be more skillful, learning from artists that came before.”






Terpstra Jesters

Troy Terpstra, "Immigrant Family "

Troy Terpstra,

is an artist from Bellingham Washington. Besides painting and drawing, Terpstra performs improv at Ryan Stiles' Upfront Theater in Belllingham, and works with other local theater groups. His other interests include filmmaking, soccer, and theology. He lived and worked for several years in France.




Jorgensen Translucencies

Inger Nova jorgensen, "Translucencies""

Inger Nova Jorgensen

was born in Michigan, left the Midwest at seventeen years old and moved to in Sonoma County, California. Two years later she began an exploration of The Pacific Northwest and eventually landed in Northern California where she received a degree in Fine Art &Teaching at Humboldt State University. She resides now in Oregon with her partner, Jeff Pevar and son, Soren.






Micah Ofestedahl, "Knowing"

Micah Ofestedahl

was born and raised in Austin, MN and graduated from MN State University, Mankato with a BFA in sculpture and ceramics. He lived in
Santa Cruz, CA for five years before moving to Ashland.